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About Us

Welcome to Schwabe Pakistan โ€“ the web site that basically represents the Pakistani component of the international network of Dr. Willmar Schwabe, Germany. Founded almost 150 years ago, Schwabe Germany is the world leader in Homoeopathic and Biochemic pharmaceuticals.

Schwabe's emphasis on the quality and effectiveness of its products has made it one of the most trusted names in the field of natural medicine internationally. The company follows stringent World Health Organisation (WHO) standards of Good Manufacturing Practice. An intensive research and development process drives the company, which has led to many exciting innovations and new products. This is backed up by state-of-the-art manufacturing and a strong global marketing presence.

Schwabe has a vast network of subsidiaries, joint ventures and country distributors across the world. In Pakistan it is represented by three nationwide sole distributors โ€“ Dr. Hamid General Homoeo Pvt. Ltd., Darul Adviat and Hameed Organization โ€“ and Repcom Advertising, the advertising agency for Pakistan directly appointed by Schwabe Germany.

Founded on the ability to act rapidly to market demands and thanks to a vibrant network of partners, the company's share in the European, American and Asia-Pacific markets has been constantly increasing over the years and international business constitutes a large part of its turnover. The company is building on this development by intensifying efforts to provide innovative high-quality products for the 21st century.

Pakistani partners have a thriving and progressive business relationship with Schwabe Germany and continue to make a growing contribution to its advertising, marketing and sales in this country. As a result of their efforts and backed by strong support from the principals, today Schwabe is the most popular and trusted homoeopathic brand in Pakistan with a whopping 70 per cent share of all homoeopathic and biochemic products imported in Pakistan.

The homoeopathic system of medicine is highly favoured among the populace of Pakistan for a variety of reasons that include effectiveness of the remedies, absence of adverse side effects, and economy of cost that makes the benefits of the system available to the poorer sections of the society. However, above all, the popularity of homoeopathy in Pakistan is rooted in a long-standing tradition of trust that has existed in our region for generations.

After its advent Homoeopathy did not take much time to be introduced in South Asia. As early as 1810, some German physicians and missionaries landed in Bengal and started distributing homoeopathic remedies among the populace. By the middle of the nineteenth century, there were many amateur Homoeopaths among the civil and military services personnel in Bengal. A book published in London in 1852 by John Martin Hoenigberger, gives a glimpse of the beginning of homoeopathic practice in Lahore at the court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the then ruler of the Punjab. Hoenigberger had learnt Homoeopathy from Hahnemann in Paris in 1835. In 1839, he came to India for the second time and took up treatment of the Maharaja.

The brand Schwabe is as highly favoured in Pakistan as Homoeopathy itself. In fact Schwabe is considered to represent Homoeopathy at its best by both the practitioners and the patients. The Schwabe Pakistan web site is dedicated to these loyal patrons of Schwabe in particular and all followers of Homoeopathy in Pakistan, both of old and the newly converted, in general.