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Question to give you medical advice:
Please be informed that we being manufacturers only of homoeopathic medicines are bound by law to abstain from giving any medical advice, apart from the fact that tele-diagnosis is to be considered prohibited for obvious reasons.
Only a physician or an experienced homoeopathic doctor will be in a position to decide whether homoeopathy might offer a treatment suitable for you, and if so, to work out a treatment scheme by taking into account all relevant facts.
Please therefore contact directly a local homoeopathic doctor or physician.

Question to give you information about our products:
Please contact directly our Exclusive Partners (Local Contact) or see the detailed product information given on our homepage (Products).

Question about indications of single remedies:
Homoeopathic single remedies are not disease-related, since Homoeo therapy belongs to holistic medicine, i. e. it is based on the detailed picture presented by the disease as manifested in its symptoms.
The symptoms, in their totally, are the prerequirements for selection of the right medicament according to the principle of similarities. Only an experienced homoeopathic doctor has the skills to ascertain the right medication.

Question to be our distributor:
Please be informed that we deliver our medicines to our Exclusive Partners only, who then distribute them throughout the entire Country.
Please be informed that we do not supply any other companies, pharmacies, doctors or private persons and do not intent to increase the number of our Exclusive Partners. You can, if you like, become a distributor of our Exclusive Partners (Local Contact).
Therefore, please contact them for receiving the requested details. In the link “Local Contact” you will find all contact details.

Question about alcohol in homoeopathic dilutions:
Alcohol is manufactured based on organic ingredients. It may be from corn, wheat or other, depending from the supplier.
In homoeopathic dilutions and mother tinctures alcohol plays an inevitable role as dissolver, preservative and bearer of the active substances. Our medicines are strictly manufactured according to the rules of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and according to German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia which was set by Dr. Willmar Schwabe. These methods and the high efficiency of our medicines have been proven in the last more than 160 years.
Based on the reason that alcohol has been proven as the only suitable bearer substance, it cannot be replaced by any other substance, as there is no other substance which would fulfill necessary quality and efficiency requirements. So there is significant methodical aspect, which prescribes the necessity of alcohol in homoeopathic dilutions.
If you have a problem to use homoeopathic dilutions, we can suggest using our medicines in tablet form.
Dr. Willmar Schwabe has been successfully delivering dilutions to Pakistan, India (having a big number of Muslim populations) and Bangladesh for over 160 years without any complains, as our medicines successfully help people to heal their diseases.
Homoeopathic dilutions are medicines and must be taken in medicinal dosages, according to the prescription of a physician or an experienced homoeopathic doctor.

Question about burning sensation after using CMS:
The "burning sensation", or more precisely the irritation on applying Cineraria Maritima Schwabe eye drops is due to the concentrated juice of the drug content as well as to the content of alcohol. Since the active ingredients of Cineraria Maritima are not soluble in water, alcohol is a must for the authentic stability of the product.
This irritation also produces a desirable effect as it helps improve local blood circulation and thus is considered beneficial in cataract treatment. As such, there is no likelihood for this effect to reduce with the continued usage.
The intensity of the irritation is felt quite subjectively, and apparently is depending upon many different modalities of the patient in question. If the irritation is felt burning too badly (which can be caused e.g. by overdosage), we recommend not to continue the use of the product prior to consultation of a physician or an eye specialist.

Question to the relationship between Dr. Willmar Schwabe – Deutsche Homöopathie-Union (DHU):
All homoeopathic activities of Schwabe Group of companies are being taken care of by DHU. Since, over the years, Dr. Willlmar Schwabe had developed important activities in the field of (non-homeopathic) phytotherapy, and therefore the Deutsche Homöopathie-Union (DHU) was founded in 1961 as an independent company in order to provide a strong scientific and organizational basis for the homeopathic activities. In Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, the trade name "Dr. Willmar Schwabe", which has been well known there for more than 160 years has not been changed into DHU, for obvious reasons.
Dr. Willmar Schwabe Germany and DHU (Deutsche Homöopathie-Union) are affiliated companies of Schwabe Group Germany. Both companies are allocated in Karlsruhe, Germany.